Which is the best Slant Board to use?

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When it comes to building lower body strength, you may know of the various fitness exercises that can help you build muscles in this area. 

But have you ever considered incorporating a simple yet effective fitness tool to take your lower body fitness exercises to the next level?

From fitness enthusiasts to those recovering from an injury, slant boards are a beneficial piece of exercise equipment that can help you level up in your lower body fitness routine. 

Learn more about the benefits and the best types of slant boards to use for specific workouts below.

What types of Slant Boards do Forte Fitness sell?

When it comes to building lower body strength, you may know of the various fitness exercises that can help you build muscles in this area. But have you ever considered incorporating a simple yet effective fitness tool to take your lower body fitness exercises to the next level? From fitness enthusiasts to those recovering from an injury, slant boards are a beneficial piece of exercise equipment that can help you level up in your lower body fitness routine. Learn more about the benefits and the best types of slant boards to use for specific workouts below.

Slant. The 'OG' one

The Slant ‘OG’ model is the original and foundational slant board, offering a wooden board designed to help strengthen your knees and improve your movements, whether you train functional fitness, bodybuilding or other disciplines. This premium and robust board is perfect for both gym and home use, providing a non-slip surface and ensuring a full range of motion. Here are some of the benefits and exercises it can be used for:


  • Enhances knee strength and mobility.
  • Improves ankle and hip flexibility.
  • Aids in developing functional strength for everyday movements.
  • Helps to prevent knee and ankle injuries.


  • Knees Over Toes Squats: Focuses on strengthening your knees and improving joint longevity.
  • Lunges: Engages the lower body and enhances balance.
  • Calf Raises: Works on calf muscles and ankle mobility.

Slant blocks. The 'Portable' ones

The Slant Blocks model is designed for portability and convenience, making it easy to use a slant board wherever you go. These blocks are perfect for those who want to carry their slant boards in their gym bags, and are finished with non-slip grip tape.. Here’s more about this model:


  • Extremely portable, can fit in your gym bag for you to take anywhere
  • Offers great value for money with an affordable price.
  • Can be used in various workout environments.


  • Similar to the OG model exercises.
  • Can also be used for additional stretching and mobility exercises due to their convenience and versatility.

Slant resist. The 'Versatile' one

The Slant Resist model takes the benefits of the original Slant ‘OG’ and adds the versatility of added banded work. This model is suitable for those who want to incorporate resistance bands into their training routine. Made of steel and featuring non-slip grip tape, this model is the most heavy duty out of the full range.
  • Combines the benefits of the OG model with banded work, offering various exercises that can be performed to help to prevent injuries.
  • Premium and durable design with excellent build quality.
  • Great for individuals who prefer training with bands and/or without free weights.
  • This slant board is made from steel.


  • All exercises from the OG model.
  • Adding resistance bands enhances the challenge in exercises like squats, lunges, and calf raises.


This slant board wedges are designed with a focus on portability and is lightweight, providing a textured surface that offers a firm grip during exercises. It has the footprint of a full-size slant board while being highly portable, and has handles for carrying it around or hanging for storage:


  • Extremely lightweight due to aluminum construction.
  • Provides all the benefits of a traditional slant board.
  • Highly portable, making it ideal for travel.


  • Similar to the OG model exercises.
  • Due to its portability, it’s great for maintaining a training routine while on the go.
Pair of black alumium slant wedges with anti-slip grip tape. Featuring holes at the top for easy portability

Slant APEX. The 'Athletic' one

The Slant Apex model is designed for athletes and those interested in plyometric training. It’s geared toward enhancing explosive power and agility:


  • Designed specifically for plyometric exercises.
  • Aids in improving athleticism and explosive strength.
  • Ideal for sport-specific training.


  • Plyometric jumps.
  • Depth jumps.
  • Explosive squats and lunges.

step. The 'compatible' one

The Step model is compatible with the entire Slant range and, added to any slant board, offers increased height variability:


  • Compatible with all other Slant products, allowing for height variations.
  • Suitable for exercises that require elevated platforms.


  • Jefferson Curls and Poliquin steps with varied heights.
  • Deficit deadlifts for increased range of motion.
  • Elevated lunges and split squats for targeting specific muscles.

Each of these slant board models serves different needs and preferences, catering to a wide range of individuals looking to enhance their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness level. Slant boards come in various designs and offer the best options for those seeking to find the best slant board for their workout and rehabilitation needs.

Can I use Slant Boards in my daily routine?

A slant board being used by a male. The male is on the tip of his toes at the top of the incline board.Incorporating slant boards into your daily exercise routine is a smart choice to improve your fitness regimen. These adaptable tools offer a range of advantages that can seamlessly blend into your day. 

For example, you can start your morning with a series of calf stretches, leveraging the incline of the slant board to enhance your flexibility. During your lower body workouts, use slant boards for heel-elevated squats, lunges, and step-ups, intensifying your routine and engaging muscles in new ways.

Midday, break away for a quick session of dynamic stretches, targeting various muscle groups with the slant’s angle. It’s an excellent option for a mid-afternoon energy boost. If you’re a sports enthusiast, integrate plyometric exercises on the slant board to amplify your athleticism.

Whether at home or the gym, slant boards offer a full range of motion and a non-slip surface, ensuring safety and effectiveness in each movement. Their compact size makes them easy to accommodate, and their versatility makes them adaptable to various exercises, helping you achieve a comprehensive workout.

So, yes, slant boards can easily become a pivotal part of your daily routine. By embracing their benefits, you’ll add an exciting dimension to your workouts, bolster your flexibility, and foster overall fitness progress.

What are some great Slant Board exercises?

Slant boards open the door to many effective exercises that can take your fitness routine to greater heights.  These exercises harness the incline of the board to engage various muscle groups while providing unique benefits. Here are some popular slant board exercises and the extra advantages they offer:

1. Heel-Elevated Squats:

Using a slant board for squats, with your heels elevated, enhances quadriceps activation and promotes ideal squat mechanics. 

The incline encourages a more upright torso, reducing stress on the lower back and increasing emphasis on the quads and glutes.

2. Calf Raises:

Calf raises on a slant board offer an extended range of motion, enabling deeper stretches and contractions. 

This extra stretch benefits the calf muscles, helping with improved flexibility and reducing the risk of tightness and injury.

3. Bulgarian Split Squats:

Performing split squats on a slant board adds an element of instability, engaging your stabilising muscles. 

The incline allows for a deeper lunge, targeting both the quads and hamstrings effectively.

4. Step-Ups:

Using a slant board for step-ups introduces a challenging angle, activating the glutes and quadriceps in a unique way. 

The incline increases the demand on your muscles, enhancing the effectiveness of the exercise.

5. Dynamic Stretches:

Dynamic stretches, like leg swings and hip circles, on a slant board provide an enhanced range of motion due to the incline. 

This is especially beneficial for warming up and improving overall flexibility.


6. Plyometric Jumps:

For those seeking explosive power, plyometric jumps on a slant board amplify the intensity of the exercise, as well as adding balance challenges. The incline intensifies the jump, working on both power and coordination.

7. Core Work:

Performing exercises like Russian twists or mountain climbers on a slant board engages your core muscles even more. The incline creates an unstable surface, requiring your core to work harder to maintain balance.

The slant board’s incline adds an element of challenge and diversity to these exercises. It promotes proper form, targets specific muscle groups more effectively, and allows for a greater range of motion. As a result, incorporating slant board exercises into your routine can lead to improved strength, flexibility, and overall functional fitness.

What are the benefits of the Forte Fitness slant board range?

A slant board has various advantages that make it a dynamic and appealing choice for your fitness routine. The versatile design of the Forte Fitness slant board range, offers several key benefits that cater to different fitness levels, goals, and even rehabilitation needs.

One of the primary advantages of a slant board is its customisability. With the ability to modify the incline angle by foot positioning, you can tailor your exercises to precisely match your current fitness level. This feature proves especially advantageous for beginners who are gradually building strength or those recovering from injuries. By starting with a gentler incline (just the heels are on the slant board) and progressively increasing it (when the full foot is on the slant board), you ensure a safe and gradual progression.

Additionally, the use of a slant board facilitates the principle of progressive overload, which is vital for continual muscle growth and enhanced performance. As your strength and capabilities increase, you can easily adjust your foot position to increase the incline to get a more challenging workout. This adaptability helps prevent plateaus and keeps your exercises effective over time.

Pair of black alumium slant wedges with anti-slip grip tape. Featuring holes at the top for easy portability
slant doubles.
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Two single-footed slant blocks featuring the Forte Fitness logo. The blocks are metal, and are shaped in a slant with a hollow centre.
slant blocks.
Rated 5.00 out of 5
The front right angle of a Forte Fitness slant box.
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Expand your exercise range

Moreover, a slant board greatly expands the repertoire of exercises you can engage in. From gentle stretches to dynamic plyometric exercises, you have the flexibility to explore a wide range of options. This variety not only keeps your workouts engaging but also ensures you’re targeting different muscle groups from various angles.

For those undergoing rehabilitation or prehabilitation, the slant board shines as an essential tool. It allows you to  control reintegration of exercises into your routine. Starting with a minimal incline and gradually progressing to steeper angles supports safe and effective rehabilitation, aiding in a smoother recovery process.

The versatility of a slant board makes it suitable for all fitness levels, offering a practical solution for both beginners and experienced athletes. Its adaptability makes it an asset in group training environments where participants have differing fitness levels and strengths.

Furthermore, the slant board serves well in functional and sport-specific training, to mimic movements relevant to your sport, you enhance your overall performance and agility.

At Forte Fitness, we craft quality slant boards for fitness activities. Visit our Slant Board Products page to learn more.

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