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Discover the power of slant boards – the ultimate workout tool designed to elevate your exercise regimen. Whether you’re aiming to stretch, squat, or enhance calf muscles, our slant boards offer unmatched versatility, making them a must-have piece of exercise equipment.

Experience the perfect squat position and amplify your range of motion with the incline slant feature. This specific design allows for deeper stretches and more effective squat and calf exercises to increase lower body strength. Our boards are crafted from sturdy plywood or metal, guaranteeing stability, while the textured surface ensures a secure footing for your workouts.

From beginners to fitness enthusiasts, our slant boards accommodate all levels of expertise. Elevate your heel and calf workouts to new heights while enjoying the benefits of this carefully constructed exercise tool.
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The front right angle of a Forte Fitness slant box.


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Two single-footed slant blocks featuring the Forte Fitness logo. The blocks are metal, and are shaped in a slant with a hollow centre.

slant blocks.

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Pair of black alumium slant wedges with anti-slip grip tape. Featuring holes at the top for easy portability

slant doubles.

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Prevent injuries & get better results

Slant boards are becoming increasingly popular in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation industry, as they can improve your recovery and help prevent injuries. Using a slant board angles your body in a pain preventative position by slightly changing the way it moves during exercise, which also helps reduce strain. The unique function of a slant board is that it elevates your heels and slightly tilts your body, which affects how your muscles and joints work. This angle change distributes the effort more evenly and allow you to work your muscles in the full range of motion.

Through this balanced activation of muscles, it helps prevent injuries like strains and sprains, which can happen when you put too much stress on one part of your body. By using a slant board, you’re also improving your body’s alignment and stability.

If you want to improve your flexibility and strength through stretches and yoga exercises, slant boards also help with this. It allows you to have more control whilst stretching and helps your muscles stay loose and less prone to injury. Plus, these boards are great for rehabilitation if you’ve had an injury by providing a safe way to work on strengthening and stretching without emphasising strain on your healing tissues.

Overall, slant boards encourage a balanced workout, which helps keep all parts of your body healthy and in full functioning order.


Slant boards come in a variety of materials, each offering unique benefits for users seeking to enhance their exercise routines, improve flexibility, or address specific physical challenges. Two common options are wooden and metal slant boards. Both varieties cater to different preferences and requirements, providing you with options that align with your comfort preferences and workout goals.

Wooden Slant Board: This classic slant board holds its own in the fitness world through its inherent warmth and organic feel. This type of board is also recognised for its versatility, catering to both exercise and rehabilitation needs.

You can feel extra secure when working out with our wooden slant board because of the anti-slip grip tape. This enhances your safety by preventing unwanted slipping during exercises. This anti-slip grip tape effectively complements the non-slip surface often found on wooden slant boards, allowing individuals to engage in various movements with confidence.

Metal Slant Board: On the other hand, metal slant boards offer a distinct set of advantages. These boards are renowned for their durability and modern aesthetic. The aluminium build particularly attracts those who want a light-weight fitness accessory that can withstand rigorous routines over time. The sleek metal slant boards design also appeals to those who prefer a contemporary look in their home gym or workout space.

Like our Wooden Slant Board, our Metal Slant Board also comes with anti-slip tape to ensure safety and stability during workouts.The Forte Fitness metal slant board also features holes to insert bands for bodyweight banded workouts.


Our range of workout equipment is designed to enhance exercises, improve flexibility, or aid in rehabilitation, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Slants, wedges, and steps are three such options that have distinct purposes. Understanding the differences between these products can help decide what is best for you, based on your fitness goals and needs.

Slants: A slant, often referred to as a slant board, is a versatile piece of fitness equipment designed to create an inclined surface for various exercises and stretches. Slants are commonly used to target specific muscle groups, aid in dynamic stretches, and enhance the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises. The incline provided by a slant challenges the body in different ways, allowing users to intensify workouts and increase flexibility.

Wedges: Wedges, sometimes called slant blocks or exercise wedges, are triangular-shaped props used to modify and adjust poses during yoga and other fitness practices. These props can be placed under feet to provide support, increase stability, and create variations in exercises. Wedges are particularly helpful for individuals wanting a portable option to work on improving their alignment, flexibility, balance and strength.

Steps: Steps, often referred to as aerobic steps or fitness step boards, are platforms designed to lift the body during cardiovascular and strength training exercises. These platforms can be adjusted to different heights, allowing users to customise the intensity of their workouts. Steps are commonly used for exercises that incorporate stepping, hopping, or lunging movements, as well as aerobic routines. They provide a way of adding an element of elevation and variation to traditional exercises.


The best slant board depends on your preferences. Consider factors like material, weight, non-slip surface, and portability when choosing a slant board. Our most popular products are SLANT. and SLANT BLOCKS.

You can start by incorporating a slant board into exercises that put the most stress on your joints. If you’re struggling with squat depth, using a slant board can help you achieve better mobility and strength in that range. Slant boards can be used to build muscles in strength training with squats and lunges. Improve balance through single-leg exercises, engage your core with decline sit-ups or twists, and explore pilate poses for flexibility.You can also utilise it for stretching to target calf and hamstring muscles. During rehabilitation, use the board for gentle mobility exercises under professional guidance. Dynamic movements like lateral hops and step-ups can also be integrated. Begin with a lower incline and ensure proper form, seeking advice if needed.

A squat wedge is a triangular metal block placed under the feet to elevate your heels during squats to improve form and address mobility limitations, allowing for a more comfortable and effective squatting motion.

Yes, we sell a range of different slants that have an inclination of 20, 22 and 25 degrees

To maximise your stretches, begin with a comfortable standing angle on the slant board. Experiment with different foot placements of the feet to target specific muscles. Our boards are designed to provide an effective and fixed angle for your stretching and exercise needs.

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