Recondition and train your muscles with our selection of power rack attachments. At Forte Fitness, we manufacture premium British made rack and rig attachments to help you target specific muscle groups and build your muscles, recover from injuries, and build explosive power. Through strength-building exercises, you’ll be able to improve your movements and progression, by consistently increasing range of motion and load, boosting performance and power.

Adjustable hack squat attachment


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rack roller with top swivel bracket and bottom fixed bracket

rack roller.

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3d photo of the belt squat attachment

belt squat.

A Forte Fitness leg extension attachment in black, with the padded roller displayed at the front of the image.


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lateral raise attachment

lateral raise.

Two Forte Fitness Jammer Arms on a white background.


3d render of a Landmine attachment.

Landmine attachment.

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What Are Power Rack Attachments

Power rack attachments are accessories designed to enhance the functionality of a power rig/rack, allowing for a wider range of exercises and customisation in strength training routines.

Our selection of attachments revolutionise the way you train in your home, PT studio or functional fitness gym. Designed to enhance the versatility and usability of your rig or rack, we offer a range of attachments that are essential tools for any gym setup, whether your goal is building muscle, recovery training or loosing weight. Our attachments are compatible with many rigs and can convert a simple rack into a multifunctional fitness powerhouse, allowing for a broader scope of exercises and training regimes.



lateral raise attachment

The Lateral Raise Machine Attachment for power racks enables targeted shoulder workouts, focusing on the deltoid muscles for effective strength building.


  • Targeted Muscle Groups: It precisely targets the deltoids, more specifically the lateral or “middle” muscles, which are integral in developing broader and stronger shoulders.
  • Stability: Ensures a stable and secure way to perform lateral raises, with progressive overload and the possibility to perform unilateral movements as well as standard exercises.


  • Symmetrical Development: Encourages symmetrical muscle development when used for unilateral exercises, helping with structural balance.
  • Aesthetics: Regular use can foster a well-defined shoulder region, enhancing upper body muscle aesthetic.

RACK ROLLER. Rack Mountable Cable Pulley Machine

The Rack Roller is a rack-mountable cable pulley machine attachment, providing versatile cable exercises and smooth resistance for comprehensive strength training.


  • Versatility: An excellent tool for various exercises, targeting a wide number of muscle groups with the option to change attachments.
  • Space Efficiency: Being rack mountable, it is a space-saver, a substantial advantage in home gyms and professional settings alike.


Personalised Workouts: Allows for the personalisation of workouts with adjustable pulleys to suit both upper and lower body exercises.

Fluid Movements: Promotes fluid, smooth movements, while adding resistance to challenge your workouts to develop strength and power

A Forte Fitness Lat pulldown bar in blue steel with black attachments.
A Forte Fitness leg extension attachment in black, with the padded roller displayed at the front of the image.

EXTENSION. Leg Extension Attachment

The Leg Extension Attachment offers a focused approach to quadriceps strengthening, seamlessly integrating with your power rack for effective leg workouts.


  • Quadriceps Focus: Focuses primarily on the quadriceps, providing a focused approach to building strength and muscle in this area.
  • Isolation: Facilitates the isolation of the quadriceps, a muscle group sometimes overlooked in compound exercises.


  • Rehabilitation: Widely used in rehabilitation environments to rebuild muscle strength safely post-injury.
  • Progress Monitoring: Simplifies progress monitoring, as individuals can incrementally increase the weight lifted over time, witnessing their advancements clearly.

JAMMER. Jammer Arms Attachments

The Jammer Arms Attachments transform your power rack into a multi-functional training station, ideal for dynamic pressing and pulling exercises.


  • Functional Training: Ideal for functional training, facilitating a wide array of push and pull movements for comprehensive workouts.
  •  Stability: Enhances stability

The Benefits of Using Rack Attachments

Investing in power rack & rig attachments brings along a plethora of benefits, especially for individuals keen on building a home or garage gym that caters for comprehensive strength training needs. Here is a list of the advantages:

  1. Versatility and Range: With a broad collection of attachments at your disposal, you can effortlessly transition between different exercises, from different types of squats or lower body exercises, as well as upper body movements, to promote a holistic and complete workout regimen.
  2. Customisable Resistance: Attachments allow for an adjustable resistance setup, where you can adjust the load and your ideal position and setup, aiding in both strength training and muscular endurance workouts, which will enable you to gradually ramp up the intensity and load as you progress.
  3. Space-Efficient: If you’re limited on space, rack and rig attachments can be the ideal solution. They are easy to set up and remove from your rack. They can be flat packed to store away while not using, saving space and offering a compact solution for your home or garage gym. Furthermore they are a good home training alternative where space doesn’t allow for full commercial machines.
  4. Cost-Effective: Instead of buying various separate gym apparatus, investing in attachments for your rack, with a diverse collection of accessories can be very cost-effective 
  5. Focused Strength Training: Leveraging different attachments can help training more specific muscle groups, whether it is building muscles, enhancing your physique or for your strength training sessions.

Essential Rack Accessories

Whether you train at home or in the gym, the essential equipment varies for each person depending on their goals, routine and chosen exercises. At Forte Fitness, we have a variety of attachments that will target every single muscle, whether it is upper, lower body or core. These attachments will help you with challenging workouts to maximise muscle growth and achieve your fitness goals.


Yes! With Forte Fitness’s premium attachments, changing tools on your cable machines has never been smoother. Simply detach your previous device and bolt in your new accessory using our bolts. 

Yes, all the basic bolts and fittings are included

Our attachments fit most rigs and racks. We always check the size of your rack before processing the order, to ensure it fits, and to send the correct bolts and fittings to suit your rack.

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