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We are Ele & Matt and we run our small business in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Training and movement is a huge part of our lives, whether it’s Crossfit, Yoga or Strength training, we are always looking for ways to move better and stay healthy in a world where a sedentary lifestyle is becoming more common.

When not working, you can usually find us visiting different gyms or climbing a mountain and camping with our dog, Luna!

Our idea

We understand that when starting to work out we might want a 200kg back squat or the holy grail of Crossfit – a muscle up! However we soon realised that to avoid injuries and burnout we didn’t need to be lying ‘dead’ on the floor at the end of every workout. We recognised that for it to be a success, we need great movement and a type of training that is sustainable in the long term. We love working out so we hope to be doing it in for many years to come!

We believe that great movement and strength should be the foundation for any training methodology.
We need a good bodyweight squat – it will help us get up and down from a chair, keep our hips and knees mobile and allow us to walk up and down the stairs.
We need good grip strength – it will help us carry our own shopping or be able to hang from the monkey bars at the park with our kids!

Our vision

We noticed early on that there is lots great information out there and an abundance of coaching and programming, but also a lack of specialist equipment to carry out a lot of the prescribed movements.

We hope that our products become great tools for gyms, coaches, physios and yourselves. Our goal is that they help you to keep training frequently, and safely for many years.


Our products are a reflection of our idea! We make fitness equipment that is great for a huge range of fitness and movement styles.

From outdoor rigs that can be used for complete workouts including Crossfit, Powerlifting and HiiT, to grip training and mobility accessories suited to use at home, in the garden or in the gym.

We want to offer you products that are versatile, long lasting, and easy to use.

How they’re made

All of our products are made and hand finished here in the Midlands by skilled craftsmen.

 We use locally sourced materials and try to keep our transport and packaging to a minimum, as we feel this is important in a world so committed to protecting our planet.



We try to keep our packaging to a minimum where possible. We realise that it feels great having a fancy box with lots of branding and tassels on – but also that ultimately the cost is passed on to us as a customer and the packaging likely ends up in the bin!

We would rather not pass on the costs, so we can give you more product for your money, and if we use a box we hope you can re-use it. Our bags are also bio degradable.

Our favourite quote

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a persons physical, emotional and mental states”

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