slant doubles.

slant doubles.

Aluminium Squat Wedge Blocks


The new light weight portable slant doubles to improve your squat and performance of your workouts. With a 22-degree incline, these aluminium slant blocks are perfect for athletics and fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their performance and develop explosive power anywhere, anytime.

Sold as a pair.


Frequently bought together

tib solo.

Maximise the power and potential of your leg muscles with our single leg tib bar, ideal for both new and experienced athletes, runners or gym-goers who want to boost their strength and develop explosive power. The single leg (iso) tibialis bar is designed to work each leg in isolation to strengthen an athlete’s Tibialis Anterior muscle, reducing the risk or repairing the damage from shin injuries along with a number of other benefits. Strengthening the Tibialis Anterior muscle has been proven to reduce risk of ankle and tendon injuries


Maximise your leg workout, and target the hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves with our hack squat attachment for home and garage gyms .

The hack attachment from Forte Fitness Equipment can be set up in seconds. Supplied with an adjustable spacer tube with multiple positions, find your optimal width on the shoulders and then tighten the bolts with your custom spanner!


The new Slant Doubles from Forte Fitness feature a 22-degree incline,  ideal for elevating your heel with grip to target glutes, quads, hamstrings, VMO, adductors, abductors, calves, ankles and lower back. With a more enhanced workout,  you can achieve a full squat, work on full range of motion and maximise your performance. 

Our slant doubles are manufactured in the UK and made of aluminium, making it a sturdy and lightweight (<1kg each), portable slant platform option.


W: 15cm L: 30cm H: 12.5cm 

Weight: less than 1kg each


Squat wedge blocks, sometimes referred to as slant boards or blocks for exercise, are essential tools in achieving deeper squat positions effortlessly while incorporating a range of exercises including yoga, calf stretching, and weightlifting. Crafted to facilitate an optimal squat position by elevating the heel, these durable and non-slip aluminium blocks are pivotal in executing knees-over-toes movements, highly promoted by Ben Patrick in his ATG program.

Beyond squats, these wedge blocks offer a versatile platform for an array of exercises that will enhance your gym routine phenomenally. From facilitating lunges to helping in post-workout stretches, the uses are endless, helping in muscle rehab, improving posture, ensuring balance and stability, and much more.

Not only do they enhance workouts, they also provide useful health benefits to the user. This includes:

  • Helping muscles rehab
  • Improving posture
  • Relieving stress on muscles
  • Preventing inflammation on muscles
  • Balance
  • Stability

And much more!



Using a squat wedge block not only guides beginners towards achieving a fuller range of motion but significantly helps seasoned fitness enthusiasts in improving their squat technique, encouraging a deeper squat by utilising the slant feature to promote better ankle mobility and ROM. Moreover, the anti-slip properties of the wedge block ensure safety, preventing any undesirable slip during intense sessions.

By incorporating a squat wedge in your exercise regimen, you unlock the pathway to bigger and stronger legs, offering substantial support to your knees and ankles, a crucial factor in building strength and muscle endurance while preserving the health of your joints.


Squatting using a squat wedge block will elevate your heels for the exercise, which remarkably reduces dorsiflexion, aiding in a more natural squat posture and promoting strength and flexibility while minimising the risk of injuries. This technique is a catalyst in fast-tracking strength build up in athletes, focusing on muscle engagement rather than straining the hips, knees, and ankles, making it an indispensable tool for calf raises and other leg exercises.


Absolutely, slant doubles can indeed be utilised for stretch exercises, serving as an excellent tool for enhancing flexibility and helping in physical therapy regimes. Incorporating them into your stretching routine allows for a more functional approach to stretching, targeting muscle recovery more effectively.

Utilising a non-slip squat wedge block can remarkably improve your form while performing weightlifting exercises such as deadlifts. The anti-slip surface offers a sturdy ground that enhances your squat depth, facilitating a stable stance with a proper spine alignment, thereby reducing the risk of injuries. Moreover, it provides a non-slip grip that is vital for a lifter aiming to maintain a proper form during heavy-duty workouts.

Absolutely, beginners can conveniently carry our portable squat wedge blocks in their gym bag to assist them in calf stretching and raises during yoga and gym sessions. Its design helps in slowly building strength and flexibility, making it a friendly companion for starters embarking on their fitness journey.

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 11.5 cm

3 reviews for slant doubles.

  1. Jamie

    I bought these to keep in my gym bag. They are awesome guys, like a full slant board without the weight!

  2. Tim

    Light as a feather but strong as a tank!

  3. Oli

    There isn’t many aluminium products out there because it’s a difficult metal to work with but these guys are changing the game…

    Feel like they could hold 500kg but weight less than a fractional plate. These are unreal!!

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