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Boost your overall fitness with this versatile step board. Perfect for both new and experienced gym goers who want to boost their aerobic ability and develop incredible strength and power.

Manufactured in the UK with reinforced plywood and internal braces to sustain high loads. This double-platformed step board can be used in your workout regimes for cardio workouts or to build muscle with exercises  such as foot elevated squats or deficit deadlifts. A perfect tool for those looking for new exercises to build their fitness and overall strength. 

Step is fully compatible with our full range of slant boards for extra range of motion.

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tib solo.

Maximise the power and potential of your leg muscles with our single leg tib bar, ideal for both new and experienced athletes, runners or gym-goers who want to boost their strength and develop explosive power. The single leg (iso) tibialis bar is designed to work each leg in isolation to strengthen an athlete’s Tibialis Anterior muscle, reducing the risk or repairing the damage from shin injuries along with a number of other benefits. Strengthening the Tibialis Anterior muscle has been proven to reduce risk of ankle and tendon injuries


What is a step board?

The Forte Fitness step board is a non-slip, double-tiered platform that is 50cm x 80cm. Used as steps in most workouts, this aerobic board is a valuable tool for gym-lovers and athletes alike to maximise performance in their workouts. 

Step boards are valuable for a wide variety of workouts, from core body strength, to HIIT workouts, ATG and other lower-body focused movements. We recommend using this platform to target your glutes, hamstrings, quads and lower leg muscles through the power of exercises like:

  • Elevated squats and lunges
  • Deficit deadlifts
  • Banded deadlifts
  • Reverse lunges
  • Jefferson curls
  • Poliquin steps
  • Split squats

And much more!


  • W: 50cm
  • L: 80cm
  • H: 6 /15cm (low/high step)

Are step boards good for weight loss?

Our step platforms are designed for versatility. You can also utilise this essential tool for your high aerobic exercises, which are known for their weight loss advantages. In fact, steps alone have been proven to be one of the best (and simplest) tools to perform movements that burn calories. For a more intense workout, why don’t you add weights to your step movements for a high-burn challenge. 

Why Forte Fitness?

All of our products are produced in the UK to a high standard. We pride ourselves on our accessibility to all those who are interested in fitness, whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced gym-goer. We’re here to help you to reach your fitness goals and exceed potential. 


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