Best Home Gym Ideas: What Equipment Do I Need To Get Started?

A man squatting in a gym holding weights on a bar above his head.

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When looking for ways to get fit, it can be difficult to find the right time, space, and environment that we need to get motivated. That’s why home gyms are the go-to for those looking to enhance their fitness routine. Not only can you tailor your space to your specific needs, but you can workout in private. But, how do you get started with creating your home gym, and how do you know what equipment you need to get started?

Designing your home gym is an exciting journey to improve your health and fitness from the comfort of your own home. It involves careful consideration of home gym design, including the allocation of floor space and the selection of home gym equipment that aligns with your fitness goals. Whether you’re crafting a dedicated workout area or integrating fitness equipment into a multi-purpose room, the essence of a home gym is in its convenience and personalisation, basically, what works best for you!

For beginners, starting with basic home gym equipment is key. This could include items like a yoga mat for flexibility and core workouts, dumbbells for strength training, and a jump rope for cardio. These essentials lay the foundation for a versatile home workout routine without overwhelming you with choices.

As your fitness journey progresses, incorporating more home gym equipment becomes crucial for diversification and intensification of your workouts. This might mean adding equipment like a resistance band, kettlebells, or even a bench. Each piece should serve a purpose towards achieving your fitness goals, whether that’s improving strength, flexibility, or endurance.

For those who are more advanced, understanding the home gym equipment you need becomes more specific to your training regimen. Strength training enthusiasts might look into weightlifting equipment, while those focused on cardio might consider a treadmill or stationary bike. The key is to ensure that your home gym reflects your fitness priorities and that each piece of equipment contributes to your overall goals.

Moreover, home gym equipment ideas can extend beyond traditional kit. Innovative solutions like wall-mounted racks or convertible furniture can help maximise small spaces, ensuring even a small home gym doesn’t compromise on functionality. Ideas will help you create a space that is not only practical but also motivational, keeping you engaged and committed to your fitness routine.

Lastly, gym ideas to help brighten and invigorate your space can make a significant difference in how often and how vigorously you train. From motivational posters to natural lighting, the aesthetic and atmosphere of your home gym can greatly influence your motivation levels. Creating a gym look that inspires you can transform your workout space into a sanctuary of health and well-being.

Here at Forte Fitness, we understand that choosing the right equipment and knowing how to use them can be overwhelming, particularly for a beginner. That’s why our expert team has put together this short article to help you learn more about how to build your ideal home gym that will keep you motivated and fit. Simply keep reading to learn more.


The most effective home gyms are the ones that meet your exact needs and requirements, all while keeping you motivated all year round. For beginners or experienced gym-goers who are looking to explore what equipment is best for them, take a look at what our team recommends below:


A Rack is an essential piece of equipment for any home gym. It consists of a metal frame that caters for attachments in which you can utilise in a variety of different ways to achieve your goals. Useful for its versatility, the power rack is a prime choice for anyone looking for a one-tool-for-all approach in their exercise equipment arsenal. For example, you can use this belt squat attachment to build and develop your glutes strength, or this leg extension to maximise power in your lower body. The possibilities are endless, and the strength you can build using a rig is limitless. Incorporating such a versatile piece of equipment not only enhances the functionality of your home gym but also ensures you have a comprehensive setup for a wide range of exercises. This makes the rig an indispensable part of your exercise equipment, allowing for an effective and varied workout experience.

rack roller with top swivel bracket and bottom fixed bracket


A slant board is a 22-degree inclined platform that is essential workout equipment for maximising your squat, enhancing your posture in the movement (straighter back, chest proud, knees out) and reducing the risk of injury during your workouts. This workout equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness and safety of your exercises. Using this knees-over-toes movement with the slant board, you will work to improve your range of motion and maximise strength, mobility, muscle, and joint resilience in your workouts. The inclusion of such specialised workout equipment in your fitness routine not only aids in achieving specific training goals but also contributes to a more holistic and injury-free exercise experience.


Never underestimate the power of a handstand. From building strength and muscle to increasing concentration and balance, learning and mastering the handstand is essential for those looking to bring in new, invigorating movements into their workout routine. A handstand board will provide you with grip and a useful platform to get started, particularly on uneven surfaces. The Forte fitness handstand board  is small and portable meaning that it can be easily stored away, or even taken outside to the beach or a park for a workout in the warm weather.


For anyone looking to enhance their strength during training, without the need of using weights, a resistance band is essential. A resistance band is a large piece of elastic rubber that is used to increase resistance, challenging your movements during your workout. They can be used as a part of your warm-up, cool-down, or even integrated with or without your weight training. Its use has no limits. A resistance band can also be used for other workouts including yoga, pilates or other types of stretches. 

A woman using Forte Fitness gym bands in a gym. She has her arms stretched directly above her head, pulling the bands up from her feet.


For keen lifters (from powerlifters to weightlifters, to crossfitters, bodybuilders, and those focused on cardio), our step platform is recommended for you. Here, you’ll be provided with a platform to help you achieve greater drops, a higher range of motion, and an improved performance with lifts such as deficit deadlifts, elevated split squats, drop lunges, and much more. Additionally, incorporating this tool into your routine can enhance your cardio workouts, offering a versatile approach to both strength and cardiovascular training. With the ability to withstand extremely high loads, our step platform is ideal for both beginners and experienced gym-goers who are looking for new movements and variations to explore with ease, making it a comprehensive tool for enhancing both strength and cardio fitness.


Once you’ve explored which equipment is best for your new home gym, it’s time to consider which space in your home is best to utilise to begin your fitness journey. No matter the size of your property, there will always be space for a workout. Whether you choose to utilise the space provided in your living room or bedroom, transform an unused garage conversion into the ultimate gym in your garage, or even designate a specific exercise room, there are numerous options to fit your lifestyle. 

Converting a garage into a home gym is a popular choice for many, offering a dedicated space away from the main living areas. This allows for a more focused environment where you can train without distractions. Additionally, setting up an exercise room within your home can create a motivational and convenient space to achieve your fitness goals. To help you make up your mind, here’s some useful ideas to consider that can accommodate your workout needs, whether you’re looking for a compact setup in a small corner or planning a full garage conversion for a spacious fitness heaven.


It’s difficult to keep motivated, especially in the height of winter. But, did you know that sunlight is a natural motivator? Not only does it provide us with essential vitamins that make us feel more energised, but the sun is also a great tool to keep us motivated and brighten up our workout space. That’s why your home gym equipment needs to be placed somewhere bright, such as near windows or outdoors. The natural light can transform any exercise room or gym in your garage into a more inviting and energising space, making it easier to stay committed to your fitness goals throughout the year.


It’s important to minimise distractions to stay on track. To ensure that you have a compatible environment for your workouts, you need to consider a workout space or workout area in your house where you’re going to be the most focused. This means finding a small home gym or floor space that’s dedicated solely to your exercise routines, especially if you’re working with a small space. In other words, if your gym space is surrounded by distractions, then you may veer off track during your workouts, and this can be risky if your muscles begin to cool down and expose you to unnecessary strains and injuries.


Here at Forte Fitness, we manufacture high-quality gym equipment. Using the finest materials, such as British steel or plywood, we create long-lasting tools for you to utilise as a part of your everyday routine. We care about reducing injury and stress on your body, and that’s why our equipment has a focus on developing the correct posture, range of motion and movements to maximise your performance. Simply explore our website to learn more and unlock your explosive power.

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