Can the Forte Fitness Hammer build strength and prevent injury?

A black steel hammer extension placed on a wooden gym floor.

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Can the forte fitness hammer build strength and prevent injury?

If you’ve been searching for a tool that not only puts your strength and endurance to the test, but can also be used for rehab and warm ups then the forte. fitness hammer might just be the best new opportunity for you.

Why use hammer?

Unconventional training such as Indian club bells and Steel mace have been around for centuries, but they can have limitations when it comes to building specific forearm strength.

Due to the nature of a steel mace, the weight is away front the wrist and is optimised for swinging which becomes more of a core movement, Indian club bells remedy this but can be limited in the sense they are a fixed weight – either too light, or too heavy.

Hammer does it different.

Our hammer is loadable and therefore measurable and can be purchased in a standard ‘normal’ grip, or a fat grip for a whole new stimulus.

What is hammer good for?

Designed with grip strength and injury prevention in mind it is perfect for those looking to build superior strength in ranges we aren’t used to training. Test your endurance, range and flexibility with weights you can track by integrating hammer. workouts into your training.

Target muscles on the upper body, from wrist and forearms, shoulders, arms and core. Hammers are available standard and fat grip. It is a piece of equipment like no other and has a multitude of benefits.

Does the hammer increase grip strength?

Using the hammer to flex and extend the wrist will over time create strength in ranges we probably aren’t used to.

If you’ve ever suffered with tennis or golfers elbow, which are usually repetitive strain injuries – could it be that we just aren’t strong enough in the ranges we want to use?

Hammer will build strength and confidence in the wrist and may also help increase endurance, and reduce fatigue which will in turn reduce the risk of injury.

What else can I do with the hammer?

Our premium hammer also allows it to be used on a cable machine or to connect to a resistance band to provide you with a wider range of movements during your workouts. These include tricep push down, cable wood choppers, pallof press and much more! This is the ideal tool to add to your workouts and enhance arms, shoulders, core and chest muscles.

Do hammer workouts prevent injury?

Wrist and grip strength go hand in hand (see what we did there…) so when it comes to strength training with low reps, but also for higher rep situations, proper movement and stability will ensure the joint won’t do the work that the muscles should be doing.

 This is particularly true under fatigue such as in CrossFit where the demand is there for high rep gymnastics or deadlifts where the grip will ultimately come into play.

Even in day to day life for a tennis player or a carpenter, repetitive strain injuries seem to be a given, and that burning pain only seems to ease off when you dig in a thumb or stretch your wrists and fingers.

Integrating a hammer in your training will enhance grip and forearm strength. Also great to work on core stability, it can provide a full and effective workout. 

This simple yet effective device will put your muscles to the test while relieving stress and building strength.


What hammer exercises can I do to help with injuries?

We think that we should aim for a good balance of range work (stretching) and strength training (progressive overload). It’s great being that kind of yoga flexi – but we need to be strong in all of the ranges as well to protect the joints.

This strength-building hammer is great for rehab, training and for sport specific training where grip strength is a must. We might even put kilos on that bench, or reps on them muscle ups!

Once the weights are loaded on, there are a range of exercises you can complete to build forearm strength. These include:

  • Hammer curls
  • Wood choppers
  • Ulnar and radial flexion
  • Wrist flexion and extension

And much more!

Standard grip 30mm

Fat grip 50mm

Both suitable for plates with a 50mm/2’’ diameter hole.

Build power with Forte Fitness’s hammer strength!

Interested in building power and grip strength? Explore our Hammer at Forte Fitness. We manufacture gym equipment that lasts, all to provide you with a powerful and engaging workout that boosts strength, shields you from injury, or helps you to recover from previous complications.

We’re ready to level up your game.

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