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Recondition and train your muscles with our range of fitness and rack and cable attachments. At Forte Fitness, we manufacture premium British made rig and cable attachments to help you enhance your muscles, recover from injuries, and build explosive power. Through strength-building exercises, you’ll be able to improve your movements and progression, by consistently increasing range of motion and strength, boosting performance and power.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
3d of the forte fitness multigrip pulldown bar
Rated 5.00 out of 5
black multi grip bar with the FF logo and 4 holes each side for adjusting grip
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5


Our premium quality residential and commercial gym cable attachments are essential tools that will allow you to perform a variety of movements and exercises using your cable pulley machine at home or at the gym. 

Depending on your cable accessories, you’ll be able to workout new muscle groups with movements that specifically target the chosen areas on your body. For example, our Curl bar will enable you to perform bicep curls and tricep pulldowns without straining your wrists, maximise the potential of your back, chest, shoulders and others with our cable machine attachments.


At Forte Fitness, we understand the importance of versatility and quality in your fitness journey. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of cable attachments, ideal for both gym and home spaces. Our selection includes everything from essential commercial gym cable attachment, PT studios and other workout spaces, catering to all your workout needs.

A black Forte Fitness cable row attachment. The handles and metal are both black, with silver bolts.

Designed for Every Fitness Level:

Whether you’re setting up a commercial gym or enhancing your personal home gym, our cable attachments are designed to integrate seamlessly with your equipment. These attachments are not just for professional athletes; they’re for anyone looking to add diversity and challenge to their workouts.

Maximising Workout Potential:

Our cable attachments for the gym are crafted to withstand rigorous use, ensuring durability and reliability. With these attachments, you can expand the range of exercises possible on your cable machine, targeting various muscle groups more effectively.

Ergonomic and Efficient:

The ergonomic design of our cable machine attachments ensures comfort and efficiency during your workouts. They allow for a variety of grip positions, making exercises like lat pulldowns and seated rows more effective and comfortable. This versatility enhances your training experience, allowing for a broader range of motion and targeting different muscle groups with precision.

Easy Integration with Existing Equipment:

Forte Fitness’s cable attachments are engineered for compatibility with most gym equipment. This means you can easily add them to your existing setup, whether it’s in a commercial gym or a home environment. The ease of integration makes our attachments a valuable addition to any fitness routine, enabling you to perform a wide array of exercises effectively.

Forte Fitness cable attachments placed on the floor. From top left to bottom middle, this includes: a curl bar, 2 cable row attachments, a pushdown attachment, a pulldown attachment and an adaptable clip for weights.


Whether you train at home or in the gym, the essential equipment varies for each person depending on their goals, routine and chosen exercises. However, we have a variety of cable attachments that will target every single muscle, whether it is upper, lower body or core.The Forte Fitness attachments range will help you challenge your workouts to maximise muscle growth. 


Yes! With Forte Fitness’s premium cable and rig accessories, changing tools on your cable machines has never been smoother. Simply use the standard provided carabiners to attach and detach the attachments from your cable machine.

Cable exercises are a great addition to your workout that provides new and exciting movements into your exercise regimes. Without these powerful tools, your routine is missing out on the potential to target specific muscles and build explosive power.

Yes, our premium quality gym cable attachments are designed to provide versatility in your workouts by being able to be used with any gym gear. With ergonomic handles, you can easily switch between wide and narrow grip exercises, targeting different muscle groups such as the lat muscles, effectively enhancing your gym routine.

Absolutely, our cable attachments are engineered to be compatible with most gym equipment, including adjustable pulley machines and commercial gym equipment. This means you can conveniently use our product with any gym gear at your local fitness centre, ensuring a seamless integration into your training sessions.

Certainly, our gym attachments are perfect for developing tricep strength. You can easily attach them to the cable machine and perform various tricep-focused exercises, making the most out of your gym gear to target this muscle group effectively.

Yes, you can replace an EZ curl bar with our CURL. attachment. Our gym attachments are designed to provide an alternative way to perform bicep curls and other arm exercises. This means you can add variety to your routine and use the attachment with your gym gear adjustable pulley machine, achieving a comprehensive arm training.

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