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Forte Fitness offers a comprehensive selection of fitness accessories tailored to meet the needs of diverse workout routines. This range includes essential items for CrossFit and Weight Lifting, such as specialised lifting straps, high quality CrossFit skipping ropes, calisthenics belts alongside versatile and high-quality gym accessories. 

For those building a home gym, or small PT and Fitness studios, our collection extends to practical tools that maximise space and efficiency, from  compact attachments to multi-functional resistance bands. 

Additionally, our calisthenics accessories, including grip strengtheners and parallettes, cater to those focused on bodyweight exercises. Each product in our collection is designed to enhance performance, ensure safety, and support the fitness goals of our customers.

Calisthenics and Weightlifting Accessories at Forte Fitness

Forte Fitness offers a comprehensive array of calisthenics equipment, designed to enhance body strength and flexibility through gravity-assisted exercises. Each piece of equipment is crafted to support movements and prevent injuries, easing the transition into more intense exercises and maximising workout effectiveness.

The range includes:

man doing an ab rollout in a gym using a Glute Ham Roller
  • GH Roller: A unique tool for advanced calisthenics, aiding in developing core strength and stability.
  • Parallettes: Ideal for push-ups and dips, these bars help in building upper body strength.
  • Handstand Canes: Designed to improve handstands, these canes add a challenging dimension to balance and core exercises.
  • Skipping Rope: The Forte Fitness adjustable skipping rope is a versatile fitness tool, featuring a 3m cable that can be easily cut to the desired length. With a 5mm thick cable, it’s excellent for speed work, boxing, CrossFit, and other exercises, catering to both beginners and professionals.
  • Lifting Straps: Our power lifting straps offer a combination of comfort and security for weightlifting activities. They feature thick neoprene padding for enhanced wrist support and breathability, along with non-slip straps to ensure a safe and firm grip, enhancing your workout experience.
  • Lifting and calisthenics belt: The lifting and calisthenics belt is a versatile piece of equipment designed for both lifting and calisthenics exercises. Priced at £49, it is suitable for a range of activities and provides support and safety during workouts.

ATG Accessories at Forte Fitness

Forte Fitness presents a unique collection of ATG (Athletic Truth Group) equipment and attachments, meticulously crafted to elevate strength training and body longevity to new levels. This range is engineered to increase both upper and lower body strength, accommodating a full range of motion, crucial for maximising training benefits at every fitness level.

  • Comprehensive Range: Our ATG equipment includes innovative staples like nordic curl attachment and tib bars, tailored for both beginners and seasoned athletes. These items are pivotal for fostering muscular growth and increasing flexibility
  • Versatility and Innovation: The collection extends to versatile attachments such as rack rollers and cable attachments, perfect for – integrating cable machine exercises. This variety ensures that every aspect of strength training is covered, from targeted muscle development to overall endurance.
  • Knees Over Toes Training Focus: At the heart of our ATG collection is the knees over toes training methodology. This approach emphasises safe and effective enhancement of physical training for joints and overall fitness longevity and health. Our equipment, including our range of slant boards, is specially designed to facilitate this training style. These tools help achieve good positions in the full range of motion, alleviating lower back stress, and promoting a more aligned and efficient workout routine
  • Designed for All Environments: Whether for a home gym or a professional training facility, our ATG equipment integrates seamlessly into any setting. The attachments combine strength with mobility, offering a holistic solution to modern fitness challenges
  • Elevating Performance: The ATG range at Forte Fitness is not just about equipment; it’s about a commitment to growth, resilience, and unmatched performance. Adopting ATG training with our equipment can significantly enhance your fitness journey, taking your routine to unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
Woman performing a squat on the black wooden Forte Fitness slant board

Home Gym Accessories

We offer a specialised collection of accessories for home gyms, emphasising efficiency and adaptability for any home setting. Our range is thoughtfully curated to meet the diverse needs of home workouts, ensuring users achieve their fitness goals without compromising on space or quality.

  • Versatile and Compact Equipment: Our selection includes multifunctional items that are ideal for limited spaces, such as cable attachments, dumbbell hook and others. These pieces are easy to store and perfect for a variety of exercises, making them essential for any home or commercial gym.


  • Quality and Durability: Each accessory is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring longevity and robustness. Whether it’s a versatile multibar attachment or heavy-duty calf raise block for legs workouts, our products are built to withstand rigorous use while providing optimal performance.
  • Ergonomic Design: We focus on ergonomic designs that enhance comfort and effectiveness in workouts. Ergonomically shaped handles on strength training equipment and non-slip surfaces are just a few examples of our commitment to user-friendly design.


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