Calisthenics Equipment

Ready to improve your workouts & kick start your calisthenics journey? Forte Fitness has you covered. We specialise in high-quality British steel and wooden calisthenics equipment, built to amplify your performance.

Our range includes everything you need: calisthenic bars, GH roller, parallettes, canes, and horizontal bars for foundational exercises. 

Need extra support for complex movements or safeguarding against injuries? Our durable equipment uses body strength and gravity, easing your transition into more intense exercises while enhancing workout effectiveness.

Embark on your transformative fitness journey with Forte Fitness.

Two single-footed slant blocks featuring the Forte Fitness logo. The blocks are metal, and are shaped in a slant with a hollow centre.

slant blocks.

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dumbell hook for dips and pullups


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calisthenics equipment


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calisthenics equipment

iron cross.

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handstand balacing and exercise mat

Hand Balancing mat

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calisthenics equipment




set of forte fitness parallel bars



What is calistenics

Calisthenics is a popular type of strength training that enhances strength, flexibility and general fitness. This training style is unique, using body weight as resistance and involving rhythmic movements such as pushing, pulling, and standing. These exercises are meticulously designed to improve both physical and mental prowess through enhanced focus, balance, and coordination

The most common calisthenic exercises include:

  • Push ups
  • Pull ups
  • Muscle ups
  • Squats
  • Pistol squatLeg raises
  • Planks
  • Front and Back Levers
  • Planche

To support these fundamental exercises, we offer a comprehensive range of equipment used in calisthenics. Our selection, specially designed to complement these movements, takes your workouts to unprecedented heights. With everything from grips to parallette bars, our equipment empowers you to construct personalised workouts, making it perfect for achieving your fitness aspirations.

For those into more advanced routines, our special calisthenics equipment caters to intensive training needs. Our range of useful calisthenics training equipment is not just for your day to day exercises they are designed to push boundaries of what your body can achieve.

calisthenics equipment
calisthenics equipment

What Equipment is used for Calisthenics ?

Both beginner and advanced fitness enthusiasts need the right equipment for an effective  workout. Our high-standard equipment is suitable for home, gym, or outdoor use and is accessible to anyone looking to enhance their exercise routine.

Our calisthenics equipment includes:

  • Parallette bars for push-ups and dips
  • Handstand canes for improved handstands
  • Slant blocks
  • Quality grips with liquid chalk for better hold during pull-ups
  • Parallel bars for exercises like l-sits and v-sits
  • And more, supporting diverse bodyweight exercises

Our equipment helps you focus on specific muscles, like abdominal muscles through leg raises and knee raises, or upper body strength with our pull-up bars. For those interested in gymnastic equipment, we offer p- bars and our dip stations are suitable for all skill levels.

Explore our range to see all we offer for your calisthenics needs, whether for an outdoor gym or personal fitness space.


Starting calisthenics doesn’t require much; just a clear goal, the right mindset, and minimal equipment. Beginners should identify a specific body area to target initially. Interested in arm strength? Try basic exercises like push-ups using our parallette bars. If it’s leg power you’re after, begin with squats using our slant blocks.

Calisthenics allows for a comprehensive body workout or a full-body workout, depending on your preference. The convenience of training at home is a significant advantage, as you can set up your space for workouts at home or outdoors. The key is using your own body weight for resistance, making these exercises both fun and challenging while helping you build strength effectively.

No matter your fitness level, calisthenics is adaptable and rewarding, offering a variety of exercises to keep you engaged and motivated.

Absolutely. Calisthenics equipment is the perfect solution for beginners. It’s easy to use and suitable for all fitness levels. You don’t need any prior experience to embark on this new training regime. Our equipment is designed to target various muscle groups, providing a comprehensive workout even with the most basic setup. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your routine, our calisthenics equipment can accommodate your fitness journey.

Yes, calisthenics can be as effective as weight lifting for building muscle, as well as improving strength and endurance. By leveraging your body’s strength, possibly supplemented with additional weights if needed, you can efficiently train and foster large muscle development at a pace comparable to traditional weight lifting. This method not only enhances muscle growth but also promotes a balanced improvement in overall physical resilience and capability.

Street workouts have surged in popularity, combining the accessibility of an outdoor workout with the effectiveness of calisthenics exercises. These workouts are not only a staple in street workout competitions but also a go-to for any calisthenics athlete looking to build strength and agility without the confines of a traditional gym.

Here are some top calisthenic exercises that dominate the street workout scene:

  1. Static Holds: These isometric exercises require you to hold a position for a certain period, engaging your muscles and improving endurance.

  2. Chin-up: A classic calisthenics exercise, chin-ups work multiple muscle groups and are a fundamental part of any calisthenics workout.

  3. Incline Push-ups: Ideal for beginners, these push-ups help build upper body strength, preparing you for more advanced exercises down the line.

  4. Muscle-ups: A more advanced move, muscle-ups are a true test of upper body strength and coordination, popular in competitions.

  5. Sit-ups: Core strength is crucial in calisthenics, and sit-ups are a simple but effective exercise to build it.

Incorporating these exercises into your routine can provide a well-rounded workout, contributing to enhanced muscle growth, endurance, and overall fitness. Whether you’re training for a competition or just for personal growth, these exercises are a solid foundation.

Calisthenic bars are specialised pieces of fitness equipment designed to leverage your body weight for strength training. These bars, often referred to as a horizontal bar, are primarily used for exercises like pull-ups, dips, and muscle-ups, among others. They provide a stable grip for users to perform a range of motions, primarily targeting the upper body and core muscles. The simplicity and versatility of calisthenic bars make them a staple in bodyweight training, suitable for both outdoor parks and home gyms.

While calisthenic equipment and CrossFit equipment share similarities, they are not the same. Calisthenic equipment is designed for bodyweight exercises and typically involves simple, durable apparatus like the horizontal bar for pull-ups and dips. On the other hand, CrossFit gym equipment encompasses a broader range, including weights, ropes, and resistance apparatus, to accommodate the program’s high-intensity functional movements.

In comparison, CrossFit equipment is used for a more varied workout routine that includes weightlifting and high-intensity interval training, whereas calisthenic equipment focuses on rhythmic, gymnastic exercises using your body weight. Both have their unique benefits and can be chosen based on your fitness goals and preferred training style.

Yes, we do! Parallettes are an essential piece of calisthenics equipment, and we offer high-quality options perfect for athletes at every level. Whether you’re working on basic push-ups, advanced V-sits, or handstand presses, our sturdy and durable parallettes provide the support you need to safely and effectively enhance your workout routine. Explore our range to find the perfect fit for your fitness goals.

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