What is ATG and Knees Over Toes Training?

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If you’re a lover of all things fitness, then you’ll be familiar with the new ATG training programme that challenges traditional methods of coaching. Created by Ben Patrick, also known as the ‘knees-over-toes guy’, these new ranges of movements were designed to ease pain in the knees after suffering with injuries at a young age that limited his athletic ability. Yet, by the age of 21, Patrick’s new found training methods were able to help him to play basketball and achieve success for his college team, and he has since shared his story and methods to help others to achieve their fitness goals despite troubles with their leg joints. 

So, what exactly is ATG and knees over toes training? ATG training stands for Athletics Truth Group. Developed by Ben Patrick, ATG training is a set of principles and guidance that builds strength and conditioning with the aim of addressing and preventing injuries to the body. This is where knees over toes comes in as a newly designed range of movements that encourages the knees to be bent over the toes, an exercise that has not been previously encouraged.

To help you learn more about this unique training programme, we’ve produced this short guide for you to explore. Simply keep reading to learn more…

What is ATG and knees over toes training?

The newly developed ATG knees over toes training is a range of innovative movements that encourages the athlete to allow their knees to fall over their toes. This method of exercises challenges previous traditions. It was formerly believed that this would add strain and damage to joints and muscles with the additional weight and pressure. However, as proven by ATG founder Ben Patrick, these exercises are actually valuable for reducing tension, easing pain and lessening the risk of injury to your joints. 

As stated by Patrick, in 1978 a professor at Duke University published their research stating that there is more pressure on your knee joints if you allow your knees to fall over your toes during your workouts. However, your knees falling over your toes is a naturally occurring bodily function that will happen whether you’re walking up or down stairs, jumping, lunging or more. By withstanding from allowing this natural movement to take place in your workouts, people were at higher risk of knee pain, injury and pressure on their joints. 

As someone who suffered from severe knee pains and injury themselves, Patrick was set on a mission to showcase how allowing your knees to fall over your toes during your exercise routines, with a set of specifically designed movements, would not only ease pain in joints, but also protect your body from future injury in these vulnerable areas. Despite no formal studies conducted to prove Patrick’s elevated theory, there are countless success stories praising these movements and the relief they’ve brought to those previously suffering from joint pain. 

What exercises are included in knees over toes training?

There are a variety of exercises that you can explore that feature a knees-over-toes movement. If you’re looking to explore these exercises, it’s important that you consider which joints you wish to target in particular, such as your ankles or knees, and what you’re hoping to achieve. For example, if you are a beginner athlete, then these exercises will be valuable in providing you with an ideal strength conditioning foundation that reduces risk of injury in your workouts. Alternatively, if you’ve previously suffered with joint pain and injury, then this range of movements is a great choice to enable you to focus on rehab and recovery. 

The top 10 knees over toes exercises include:

Elevated squats.

Backwards Walking

Calf raises.

Knees over toes split squat. 

Tibialis raise. 

Nordic hamstring curl.

Reverse nordic curl.

Cyclist squats.

Patrick steps.

Poliquin step.

What equipment is best for knees over toes exercises?

If you’re looking for the perfect fitness equipment to accompany your new ATG fitness regime and Knees over toes exercises, then you’re in the right place. Here at Forte Fitness, we manufacture high-quality fitness equipment, made in the UK, from a range of steel and timber that are all designed to accompany large loads and a range of ATG-designed movements to achieve your fitness goals. We’ve outlined the best equipment to get started with to begin your new fitness journey below. 

Slant boards & Step

Slant boards are designed to give you an elevated squat, ease tension on your joints and maximise your squatting range to provide you with a movement that releases your full potential. We have a range of slant boards to choose from, including our individual resist board, double-sided incline board or our step board, which can be used in combination with our inclines to achieve greater depths on some exercises, such as Poliquin Steps or Jefferson Curls. 

Tib bars

If you’re looking to strengthen your knee, ankle, calf and shin muscles, then the tib bar is an essential tool for you. Explore our Tib Bar or Tib Solo to learn more about these useful tools. 

Rig/Wall mounted attachments 

If you own a rig, then there are a variety of attachments you can utilise to enhance your ATG training. This includes our very own  Nordic Curl attachment, which is designed to help you perform a powerful movement that enables you to build strength, resistance, balance and agility.

Start your knees over toes training with Forte Fitness Equipment 

Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey, looking for tools to aid your muscle rehab and recovery, or you’re an advanced athlete, Forte Fitness are here and ready to help you achieve your goals. Simply explore our website to learn more about who we are and what we do, or get in touch with one of our team members to ask questions about how our products can assist you. 

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