What is Functional Bodybuilding?

A male completing a plank on the floor. His hands are holding onto weights, which keep the front of his body lifted higher than the bottom half of his body.

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If you’re looking to maximise power and performance in your workouts, and build muscle definition, then you may have come across the ‘functional bodybuilding’ training method. This is a new type of workout, created by Marcus Filly which places emphasis on quality, rather than quantity. Filly advocates that week-by-week you’ll develop personal record-breaking strength and mobility through enhancing your movements with this new regime. Not only will you begin to look great, but you’ll feel great too.

So, what exactly is functional bodybuilding? Functional bodybuilding is a fitness training method that focuses on your use of movements to develop strength. In other words, these new exercises use functional movements, along with core bodybuilding concepts, to change the way you workout. It promises fast and effective results that improve your flexibility and overall physique. 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in to boost your strength, the team at Forte Fitness Equipment are here to help. We’ve written this short guide for you to explore, which provides you with all the essential information you need to get started. 

Along with exercise tips and tricks, we’ve also provided you with a list of essential equipment for your home gym that you’ll need to begin your new fitness journey. To find out more about how to get started on your new training regime, simply keep reading this short guide…

A male completing a pull-up on a sterling silver bar.

What is the functional bodybuilding method?

Functional bodybuilding is a fairly new workout regime. It takes the core principles of bodybuilding mixed with a variety of valuable methods from other workouts, such as CrossFit. This provides users with a durable workout that prevents injury. For example, barbell exercises are typically used with an emphasis on time-controlled reps that maintains tension on your muscles. This challenges the athlete to a quality movement workout that won’t leave them completely exhausted all the time. When using this method, athletes will be able to workout longer, harder and more effectively than ever before. 

One of the key foundations of this new, practical method of bodybuilding is its focus on allowing the body to heal. This prevents the body from sustaining injuries during workouts, along with reducing pain, aches or burnouts. If you’re an athlete that has struggled to get the results you’re looking for, or you’re simply exhausted from long, intense workouts, then this new method is ideal for you.

What’s the difference between bodybuilding and functional bodybuilding?

Traditionally, bodybuilding has only ever placed importance on how muscles look, rather than how they perform. By adapting our approach to bodybuilding, athletes can build more effective, long-lasting results with less risk of injury or burnout. 

While at first glance there may not appear to be significant differences between the two regimes, there are notable differences. For example, functional training includes elements from other sports too, such as running, walking, climbing and more. The overall idea is to look good and move well for longer!

A female using a weighted bar. She has lifted the bar above her head, with her elbows out and perfectly in line with her body. She is wearing a white top and black leggings, with her hair tied up.

What equipment is the best to use at home for functional bodybuilding?

If you’ve decided to begin your new workout regime with a functional bodybuilding method, while you can perform a lot of bodyweight exercises, it is important to know what other equipment you’ll be needing if you want to progress to more advanced training . We’ve listed all the essential equipment below with some suggestions of popular functional bodybuilding exercises.

A man using a cable row attachment. The picture is taken facing towards the cable machine, and the back of the man, meaning that we can see the cable attachment being used.

This space-effective cable pulley machine will help maximise your performance with a variety of cable movements. From pulldowns and pushdowns, to assisted bicep curls, this machine does it all.

A slant board being used by a male. The male is on the tip of his toes at the top of the incline board.

Elevate your squats to add power, stability and flexibility to your knees, calves  and ankle during your workouts with our essential slant board. Designed to sustain high loads, this portable incline board will reduce, and heal injuries while you power through your leg workouts.

A Forte Fitness nordic bar attachment attached to a weight. A females feet are placed between the bar and the weight, demonstrating the foot positioning used for this movement.

Build durable strength in your tibialis muscles with our premium tib bars. Compatible with our Rig, this vital equipment builds strength and endurance in your lower-body muscles while conditioning your body. The best movement used with this tool is tib raises, which is a valuable exercise for those looking to reduce pain from previous injury. 

Maximise your power with Forte Fitness Equipment

At Forte Fitness, we manufacture high-quality, long-lasting gym equipment that you can utilise at home. We’ve designed our equipment to be efficient, durable for heavy loads and powerful in helping you to achieve your goals. To get started with your new fitness journey, explore our products today. 

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