round handstand blocks.

round handstand blocks.

Round handstand blocks



The Forte Fitness round handstand blocks are made from premium European birch and come in two different sizes, for comfort.

 The blocks are finished in black, and are 54mm thick with a non-slip base. They are a great tool for practising inversions and other hand balance progressions.

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The Forte Fitness round handstand blocks. are made from premium European Birch and come in two different sizes, for comfort.
The blocks are finished in black, and are 54mm thick with a non slip base. They a great tool for practising inversions and other hand balance progressions.
Great for both beginners and advanced athletes alike, our round blocks offer a more ergonomic surface, which mimic a handstand on the floor. However, the use of blocks will reduce wrist strain as the hands are elevated from the floor, allowing you to grip the blocks. This will help gaining wrist strength and stability both in shoulders and forearms, as well as reducing the pressure on the wrist joint, lowering the chance of injury.
For more experienced athletes, the handstand blocks will provide more variation to the practice, adding variety and movement challenges, such as handstand split, one arm handstand and flows.
The blocks are stackable for even more advanced movements.
Sold in pairs.
115 mm diameter
Weight: 0.5kg (each)


Handstand training is a methodical approach to mastering the handstand, a fundamental gymnastics skill. Using blocks or other props as a tool to help improve handstand technique, this training focuses on enhancing balance and strength. Handstand blocks allow the athlete to engage core muscles and stabilise their form, making them an essential component for anyone seeking to perfect their hand stand.

These compact, sturdy and innovative blocks,  offer numerous benefits for individuals practising handstands or other balance-intensive exercises.

Construction and Design:  Made from high quality European birch wood, our handstand blocks provide a solid and stable surface. Their size and shape are tailored to comfortably fit the contours of the hand, offering a more focused balance point compared to flat ground.

Benefits: The use of handstand blocks leads to improved wrist strength and flexibility. This is crucial in reducing the risk of injuries, particularly for beginners or those with previous wrist issues. Moreover, the elevated hand position encourages better shoulder alignment and overall body posture during a handstand.

Skill Progression: For those advancing in hand balancing, blocks add an extra challenge. They require more precise control and stability, thereby accelerating skill development. This makes them a valuable tool for both beginners striving to master the basics and advanced practitioners aiming to refine their technique.

Versatility: Beyond handstands, these blocks are versatile in their application. They can be used for various exercises like L-sits, planches, push-ups and other movements,  making them a valuable addition to any fitness routine that emphasises core strength and balance.

Handstand blocks are an effective and beneficial tool for anyone looking for help improve handstand skills. They offer a combination of safety, skill advancement, and versatility, making them an essential component of balance training in the fitness equipment industry.

Incorporating handstand blocks into a gymnastics or calisthenics training regimen can significantly enhance an athlete’s skill and stability. These versatile tools are not only essential for traditional hand balance exercises but also serve as the perfect training aid for mastering complex gymnastics techniques.

Using blocks in their training, gymnasts gain a distinct advantage. The blocks elevate the hands, demanding greater control and precision, which directly translates to improved performance in gymnastics disciplines. This elevation also aids in developing crucial wrist and shoulder strength, pivotal for executing flawless routines.

The compact and portable nature of these blocks makes them an ideal addition to any gymnast’s toolkit. Whether used in a professional gym setting or for at-home practice, they offer a consistent training platform. Gymnasts striving to refine their handstands, transitions, or floor exercises find that these blocks provide a stable and reliable base, reducing the risk of injury and enabling a focus on form and technique.


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