grip. xl

grip. xl



Pull Up Grip Handles

Grandfather Clock grips (large)


Grandfather Clock grips for strength training.

Made from European oak with stainless steel snap hooks for quick release.

A great tool for grip training, rock climbing, forearm and gymnastic strength.

Versatile and portable, grip. can be quickly fitted using the heavy duty straps wrapped around a pull up bar, park swing or even a barbell on the squat rack!

Straps included.


Can be used as pair or singular, and can be joined together to imitate rope climbing movements – a great progression for beginners new to rope climbing whilst also being great for more advance stability and isometric challenges.

Pull ups, holds, inverted rows, one arm pull ups, toes to bar, front lever and more. Simple tool –  serious results!



Handle length: 30cm

T: 4.8cm


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