Hand Balancing mat

Hand Balancing mat

Hand Balancing Mat

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Take your handstand workouts to the next level with the Forte Fitness Hand Balancing Mat, perfect for enhancing grip and providing extra cushioning on rough surfaces. Its size (80cm x 40cm) makes it both portable and easy to fit in your gym bag and spacious enough to support the development of new skills.



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Premium black Hand Balancing Mat 

Our hand balancing mat is expertly designed for those dedicated to work on and improve their handstand and floor exercises. Perfect for a wide range of activities, it offers the stability and cushioning necessary for effective practice. This mat is specially created to prevent slipping, ensuring a secure surface for all your workouts.

Its versatility makes it suitable for various levels of experience, from beginners to advanced athletes. By providing a reliable foundation, it allows you to focus solely on improving your skills, making it an essential tool for anyone serious about their handstand workouts.

Benefits of using a Hand Balancing


The hand balancing mat  stands out among other fitness equipment tools, thanks to its multi-functional capabilities. This mat is a versatile mat developed specifically to assist in mastering handstand control. Its special slip-resistant surface is designed to provide excellent grip, thereby improving performance and control in a variety of exercises. Whether you’re working towards achieving the perfect handstand, or employing the mat for a range of exercises like handstand push ups, burpees, squats or lunges, its surface ensures stability and support for every movement.

With its compact size, the mat’s design is a perfect addition to any gym or home gym space, ensuring ease of portability and storage. The mat is a home and gym use essential, allowing for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor training environments. 

Get yourself a hand balancing mat  and elevate your fitness routine, ensuring handstand control and versatility for your training.

Dimensions: 80cm x 40cm

Handstand Training Exercises

Our Handstand Mat is an essential tool for gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts aiming to perfect their handstands or improve comfort and quality in their training. Its unique design facilitates a variety of handstand training exercises, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Here’s some exercises that you can use the mat for:

  • Gymnast Handstand Practice: Lay the mat on a flat surface, ensuring it’s securely attached to prevent slipping. The slip-resistant surface is ideal for practising handstand drills, providing the stability needed for gymnasts to focus on form and technique. Ideal to work on freestanding Handstands, Press to handstand, freestanding calisthenics handstand push ups, etc.
  • Handstand Wall Drills: Use the mat as a base for handstand wall drills. Its cushioning offers the necessary support for wrists and hands, reducing the impact on joints during repetitive training sessions. Ideal for exercises like Wall Walks, Wall Supported Handstands, Handstands holds, Handstand push ups, etc.
  • Carpet and Outdoor Friendly: Designed to be used on various surfaces, including carpet, the mat ensures a stable foundation for practising handstands at home. Its grip prevents sliding, making it safe for intensive use.
  • Achieving the Correct Handstand: The Handstand Mat supports the alignment and balance required for the correct handstand form. Its surface aids in gripping, allowing for incremental adjustments and improvements in posture and technique.

Our team is ready to assist you in optimising your training and achieving your handstand goals contact us for more information.


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