Dip Belt

Dip Belt

Calisthenics Weighted Dip Belt


Elevate your gym or calisthenics routine with the Calisthenics Weighted Dip Belt from Forte Fitness. Tailored for those who seek both functionality and endurance in their workout equipment, this belt is essential for intensifying bodyweight exercises. Ideal for both experienced gym goers and beginners in strength training or bodyweight training, it provides a seamless balance of comfort and resistance. This dip belt allows you to push your limits to reach your fitness goals.

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Add intensity to your workouts using hook, our sleek and ingenious belt, barbell & dumbbell hooks for dips and other weighted exercises. Ideal for those looking for a tool that provides ease of use, portability, and quick transitions in your exercise routines. Our useful kettlebell and dumbbell hooks for dips and weighted exercises enable you to focus on lifting and adding weight, as well as drop sets, during your workout without the requirement to keep doing and undoing your lifting belt and chain.



Premium Neoprene Calisthenics & Weight Lifting Belt with Daisy chain 

Manufactured with premium quality neoprene, the calisthenics & weight lifting belt stands as a pinnacle of functional fitness gear. Specifically designed for those who demand the best, this weight lifting belt is more than just a gym accessory—it’s an important part of your fitness journey.

The belt offers maximum support and stability, crucial for both heavy lifting and dynamic calisthenics movements. Its high-quality neoprene construction not only ensures durability but also provides a comfortable and secure fit. This design consideration is vital for maintaining proper core engagement and enhancing overall performance.

With strong Daisy chain straps, instead of standard chain, the Forte belt ensure a quicker and safer release of the weights. This is essential in preventing injuries and ensuring that your training can continue uninterrupted. Whether you’re executing a complex calisthenics routine, performing belt squat, or pushing your limits in weight lifting, our belts are made to accompany you through every rep and every set with unmatched support and stability.

Experience the blend of high-quality design and functionality with the Forte Fitness Calisthenics & Weight Lifting Belt, and elevate your gym experience to new heights.

Take Your Performance to the Next Level with Forte Fitness

Unlock your full potential in bodybuilding, CrossFit, calisthenics and other sports, with the Forte Fitness Calisthenics & Weight Lifting Belt. Designed to provide maximum support without compromising on mobility, this belt is your ideal tool for every workout. The compression it offers is meticulously calibrated to hug your waist, ensuring a snug, secure fit that moves with your body.

Whether you’re lifting heavy in the gym, engaging in intense bodybuilding routines, or pushing the limits in your preferred sport, our belt is designed to keep pace with your ambition. It’s not just a tool for support; it’s an extension of your commitment to excellence in physical fitness.

Find the perfect balance of support, comfort, and flexibility with Forte Fitness. Elevate your training, safeguard your body, and achieve new heights in your fitness journey. Take the first step today and experience the difference a Forte Fitness belt can make in your performance.


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