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Jammer Arms Attachment

Build explosive power in your workouts with our jammer arms attachment for your rigs or racks. Ideal for those looking to challenge themselves to a high performance full body workout in their home gyms. 

Our jammer arms attachment is manufactured in the UK using steel and finished in a black, light textured powder coat for a premium style. This product is available with single bend or D-shaped handles, depending on your preference. Single bend handles are 38mm diameter, and D-handles are 32mm diameter. Choose the handle that not only suits your training but your budget too, and you’ll be making press gains in no time.


What is our Jammer Arms Attachment? 

This jammer arms attachment simply fits onto your racks or rig to enable you to complete these movements with support. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself with a push-up or a pull-down workout, this tool will enable you to reach new abilities in your workout and achieve your full potential. 

The Jammer arms come with a unique and universal bracket that can be mounted to virtually any rig upright (up to 75mm/3″) and can be face or side mounted using the supplied bolts.

With a lever length of 1m and a choice of handles you’ll be set up in a minute for jammer press, bench press, rows and more!

Several holes on the bracket will allow the arms to be rested at different heights for different movements. (Please use the supplied bolt and nut for this).

Supplied with a 16mm – 5/8” pin for the lever point, the bracket should be mounted first and then the arm can be attached using the pin in one easy movement. Please note: Rigs or Racks must be bolted down and securely fixed before jammer arms are used to prevent tipping.

We’ve considered the home/garage gym where space is at a premium and made our plate loadable pins and handles separate so jammers can be flat packed and stored with ease. This also allows multiple configurations. (You could even use it as a belt squat!).

Supplied with bolts and nuts required to fit to the rack, pin and bolts for assembly.

  • Arm length: 1m
  • Bracket: 240x150mm
  • Plate pin: 49mm (250mm loadable length)
  • Handle Width: 320mm

Bracket Mounting for Jammer arms:

Racks 50-75mm – FACE MOUNT

Racks 70-80mm – FACE or SIDE MOUNT


What muscles does jammer attachment work?

If you’re looking for a tool to perform explosive lifting movements with greater stability and control than free weights, then jammer is the perfect tool for you. 

With jammer arms, you will be able to perform exercises that engage your core, deltoids, triceps, lats and more. The jammer will enable you to develop explosive power through new positions, support and posture, making this a vital tool for those looking for new methods to maximise their performance and ability. 


What are the benefits of using Jammer arms?

Jammer arms are extremely versatile and can also be used for bilateral and unilateral training, making it the perfect tool for working on weaknesses and correcting imbalances. 

This attachment is also a great option for people who are new to training, or recovering from injuries, and require a limited or fixed range of motion to develop strength safely and efficiently.

For more experienced athletes, Jammer arms can be incredibly useful to perform an extensive range of powerful and dynamic movements, complex explosive and isometric variations of bench, shoulder and jammer press, rows, shrugs and much more!


Why Forte Fitness?

All of our products are produced in the UK to a high standard. We pride ourselves on our accessibility to all those who are interested in fitness, whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced gym-goer. We’re here to help you to reach your fitness goals and exceed potential.




D-Handles, Single bend


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