lateral raise.

lateral raise.


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Rack mounted Lateral raise attachment.

Featuring an aluminium body to keep weight to a minimum, this Lateral Raise attachment fits virtually any rack or rig upright with 16mm / 1” holes. The adjustable arms will enable you to get the perfect setup for any width, height or stance.

Pre-assembled and ready to go in a minute!



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Plate Loaded Lateral Raise Rack Attachment

Lateral raise from Forte Fitness Equipment is a rack mounted plate loaded lateral raise attachment.

Target back and shoulders without the need for large machines only found in select gyms. Perfect for the home or garage gym, as well as CrossFit and Functional Fitness gyms, as well as commercial gyms.

Featuring an aluminium body to reduce weight, Lateral Raise fits virtually any rack or rig upright with 16mm or 1” holes.

Adjustable arms will enable you to get the perfect setup for any width, height or stance.

Pre-assembled and ready to go in a minute, Lateral Raise is great for upper back and arm workouts.

Pair with our foam roller pads (available separately) and turn into a seated lateral raise with minimal setup time.

Fits racks/rigs 60×60, 70×70, 75×75, 80x80mm and 3×3”

Supplied with 16mm (5/8” bolts).

** Racks and rigs should be bolted to the wall or floor when using any attachments. Not advised to use with single squat stands that aren’t suitably fixed down.

Replacing Lateral Raise Machines in Home Gyms

If you’re setting up a home gym and are considering a solution that targets your back and shoulders effectively, the Lateral Raise Rack Attachment is an excellent option. It offers a space-efficient and cost-effective alternative to dedicated lateral raise machines typically found in commercial gyms.

The adjustable design of this product allows you to customise the setup according to your preferences for width, height, and stance, making it a versatile choice for your home gym. Its compact size and compatibility with various rack or rig uprights with 16mm or 1” holes make it a practical addition to your workout space, even if you have limited room.

Say goodbye to the need for bulky machines and hello to efficient home gym workouts.

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Foam pads

Lateral raise only, With luxury upholstered pads


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