Basket is our gym rack mountable basket that serves as a practical solution for organising and storing gym essentials such as chalk, resistance bands, and other workout accessories.


The basket design focuses on maximising space efficiency and accessibility, ensuring that your workout area remains clutter-free and organised. 

This basket is compatible with most gym racks, making it a versatile addition to any training environment.


  • Space Efficiency: By attaching to gym racks, this basket saves valuable floor space, making it perfect for areas where every square inch counts.
  • Convenience: Keeps essential workout accessories within arm’s reach, reducing interruptions during training sessions and helping maintain focus and momentum.
  • Organisation: Helps in maintaining a tidy workout environment, which is crucial for safety and enhances the overall training experience.

Ideal For Smaller Training Spaces 

The rack mountable basket is especially beneficial for smaller training facilities and personal training studios where space optimisation is key. 

It is also suitable for home gyms, where maintaining a clean and organised space can be challenging. Larger gyms can benefit as well, as it adds to the overall organisation and aesthetics of the training area. 

Whether for professional training facilities or personal use, this basket adds a level of professionalism and convenience to any workout space.


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