Yoga Mat - Black

Yoga Mat - Black

Premium Yoga Mat



Discover the essence of durability and comfort with our premium yoga and mobility mat, in black. Crafted from premium materials for longevity, this 4mm thick PU mat ensures a steady grip with its anti-slip, matte finish. Elevate your practice, enhance your strength and unlock a new dimension of flexibility and mobility with our equipment.


Premium Quality Yoga Mat

Step into a world of refined simplicity with our premium yoga, mobility and exercise mat.

This mat is a harmonious blend of premium quality, functional elegance and simplicity. Each mat is meticulously crafted from long-lasting materials, ensuring it stands the test of time in your yoga and exercise journey. The 4mm thickness, made of high-grade PU, offers a perfect balance of cushioning and stability, making it an ideal choice for various yoga styles. 

The design will guide your positions and movements to achieve those perfect shapes and find your inner self.

Experience unparalleled grip with its anti-slip, matte finish, which provides a secure foundation for your practice, even in the most intense sessions. The simple design of the mat speaks to those who value understated elegance, while the availability in five distinct colours allows for personal expression in your yoga space. Elevate your practice with this exceptional yoga mat, where durability meets design.


  • Material: Premium, Long-lasting Quality
  • Thickness: 4mm PU for Optimal Cushioning
  • Surface: Grippy, Anti-slip with Matte Finish
  • Design: Sleek Appeal
  • Dimensions: 1850mm x 660mm


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