ATG Equipment and Attachments

Discover our range of ATG Equipment and attachments, the pinnacle of strength training solutions designed to elevate your fitness routine to unprecedented levels. 

The carefully curated ATG equipment list encompasses equipment engineered to strengthen both the upper and lower body, offering a staple selections such as hack squat attachments and tib bars. Expand your workout horizons with our versatile equipment and attachments including rack rollers and jammers, ideal complements to cable machine exercises. Trust in Forte Fitness to foster growth, resilience, and unmatched performance in your fitness journey.

The front right angle of a Forte Fitness slant box.


Rated 5.00 out of 5


Original price was: £89.Current price is: £44.
Rated 5.00 out of 5
tib solo.

tib solo.

Original price was: £89.Current price is: £44.
Two single-footed slant blocks featuring the Forte Fitness logo. The blocks are metal, and are shaped in a slant with a hollow centre.

slant blocks.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Pair of black alumium slant wedges with anti-slip grip tape. Featuring holes at the top for easy portability

slant doubles.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
A man using the Forte Fitness incline boards. The man is holding weights in both his hands, with his foot placed at the bottom of the slant board to complete his lunge.

What is ATG
(Athletic Truth Group) training

ATG, or “Athletic Truth Group” training, involves executing exercises with a full range of motion, taking your training deeper to maximise the benefits at every level of fitness. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran in the fitness landscape, adopting ATG training can enhance muscular growth and foster greater flexibility.

In this training style, accessories play a pivotal role. Utilising equipment such as the slant board, HACK. – our hack squat attachment, BELT SQUAT. – or our belt squat attachment not only facilitates a deeper level of training but also helps to raise your performance ceiling. These attachments work synergically to aid in stretching the hip flexor and alleviating lower back stress, promoting a more aligned and efficient workout routine. 

ATG Attachments for Home or the Gym

In the evolving landscape of fitness, ATG attachments stand as a beacon of innovation, combining strength with mobility in a package designed for both home and gym settings. Our premium attachments are your go-to solution for knees over toes training, a methodology that empowers individuals to enhance their physical prowess safely and effectively.

Whether it’s the elite athlete looking to refine their regimen or a fitness enthusiast seeking to take their training to the next level, finding the best knees over toes equipment becomes a pivotal step. Our range of ATG attachments is crafted to meet this growing demand, offering equipment designed to accommodate a myriad of exercises that promote strength and flexibility.

A woman exercising using the Forte Fitness nordic cable attachment.


When it comes to home exercises, the best ATG (Athletic Truth Group) training equipment can vary depending on individual preferences and goals. An essential piece of equipment is a good-quality squat rack with adjustable safety bars, allowing for proper form and preventing injuries. Our range of rack attachments will expand the range of workouts you can do and take your exercise to the next level. 

To further improve your home training environment, consider integrating our versatile P-Bars station and Parallettes into your setup. Coupled with our diverse assortment of attachments and equipment, they stand ready to revolutionise your strength training routine, offering greater stability and variety to your workouts. This well-rounded collection is crafted to complement your ATG training, ensuring you can work every muscle group effectively while maintaining safety and efficiency in your exercises.

Absolutely, bodyweight workouts can be an excellent tool for building muscle, especially when it comes to developing lower body strength. These workouts are not only compact and easy to use but also serve as a gateway to mastering control over your body’s position and coordination during various exercises. Moreover, they are designed to help foster dense muscle growth in the comfort of your home gym. Utilising specific movements that target areas such as the hamstring can aid in enhancing muscle definition and help improve overall knee ability, reducing the likelihood of knee pain in the long run.

Increasing the range of motion (ROM) of your squat can be achieved through targeted lower body training that emphasises strengthening the muscles and improving coordination. An ultimate solution for many is to deepen their squats gradually, using fitness equipment specially designed to help in facilitating a more extensive ROM. Incorporating accessories such as squat racks in your home gym can assist in safely exploring deeper squat positions, ultimately enhancing your lower body strength and reducing knee pain. Remember to maintain a correct posture and alignment to foster better knee health and improve the effectiveness of your squats.

Knees over toes exercises refer to a series of lower body training regimes that focus on strengthening the muscles around the knees to improve stability and reduce knee pain. These exercises are designed to help improve coordination and flexibility, facilitating a better range of motion and enhancing lower body strength. Using fitness equipment that aids in promoting a better position during these exercises can be a tremendous asset in your home gym. The approach advocates for a forward knee position, going past the toes, to deepen the engagement of muscles and foster a more substantial and resilient lower body. It’s a compact, easy-to-use methodology for those looking to enhance their knee ability through focused and deliberate training.

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