Calf raise

Calf raise



Introducing the calf raise block – your essential gym equipment for enhanced calf muscle workouts! Elevate your calf training with our heavy duty, super sturdy calf raise block. This robust item allows for a full range of movement, ensuring a great calf stretch and more effective exercises. 

The calf block, designed with a superior grip surface, guarantees stable contact during your workouts. Whether you’re standing on it for calf raises or incorporating it into other exercises, this block is more than just a piece of equipment. It’s a transformative tool, pivotal for achieving the full stretch and strength in your calf muscles.


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Enhance Your Calf Training with the Calf Raise Platform

Discover the ultimate tool for strengthening your calves – the Forte Fitness Calf Raise Platform. Expertly designed and manufactured in the UK, this platform is more than just gym equipment; it’s a heavy duty, super sturdy addition to both home and commercial gyms.

Why Choose the  Calf Raise Block?

  • Versatile Use: Perfectly compatible with pin-loaded machines, including leg extension or leg raise pads, to intensify your calf training.
  • Premium Design: Crafted from laser-cut steel, featuring a grippy surface for maximum safety and efficiency during workouts.
  • Portable and Convenient: Easy to transport and store, thanks to its compact size and integrated handle.

Maximise Your Workout

  • Expert Tips: Discover effective exercises like calf raises and stretches to optimise your training.
  • Testimonials: Hear from our satisfied customers who’ve experienced significant improvements in their calf strength and flexibility.

Calf Block Specifications

  • Dimensions: 500mm wide, 140mm high
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • Heavy duty construction for durability

What Exercises Can You do With the Calf Raise Block? 

Standing calf raise

Enhance your calf muscles with this classic exercise. Position yourself with a barbell or Smith machine, bar across your shoulders, and the balls of your feet firmly on the calf raise platform, heels overhanging. Alternatively, perform the exercise holding dumbbells by your sides. Raise your heels, flexing your calves and extending your ankles as high as possible, keeping your knees steady. Slowly lower back and repeat for effective muscle engagement.

Seated calf raise

Ideal for targeted muscle building, sit with a barbell across your lower thighs or dumbbells resting on each thigh. Place your feet on the platform, similar to the standing position, and press up onto your toes, fully engaging your calf muscles. Lower back slowly and repeat the movement.

Donkey calf raise

For this exercise, lean forward with weight on your lower back for added resistance. Position your feet on the calf raise platform and perform the movement similar to a standing calf raise, emphasising a full stretch and contraction in the calf muscles.


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