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Enhance the power of your workouts with our high performance grip strength trainer. Perfect for athletics and gym-goers who want to boost their performance and develop explosive power.

Made using 30mm European birch ply, our strong pinch grip training tool is ideal for forearm/finger training and enables you to develop power from your fingers up to your shoulder joints. Ideal for people who enjoy climbing or bouldering and are looking for exercises to help prevent injury and maximise performance. 

Our pinch hangboard is manufactured in the UK with a premium bitch ply structure that is designed to accommodate high loads. Order yours today to receive your ready-to-use product. 

Our pinch board is sold in pairs, and measures to 105mm x 105mm x 30mm. 


What is our pinch wooden hangboard?

Our wooden pinch hangboard is a versatile piece of gym equipment that helps you to develop finger, hand, wrist and arm strength. In fact, hangboards have been said to be the best tool for boosting your bouldering and climbing performance by enhancing your grip strength. 

Did you know that using a hangboard once a week can help you to hold on for longer while climbing, and increase your ability to complete those difficult climbs? For this reason, it’s seen by many as one of the most effective and essential tools while training.


Can beginners develop their grip strength using this hangboard?

Yes, of course! Our pinch board is ideal for both beginners and experienced athletes alike. All you have to do is ensure that it’s secured tightly to a solid foundation, and use your fingers for grip to hang from the board. To add that extra challenge onto your workout, you can move your fingers from one level to the other to boost performance and train those fingers. 

There are a variety of holds, challenges and workouts you can explore to meet your level. For beginner-friendly exercises, you can challenge yourself by beating your best holding time. For experienced trainers, adding weights to your body is a great way to maximise your workouts. 


Can I do pull ups on this pinch board?

Ideally, this tool is used for developing grip strength through your fingers, wrists and shoulders and therefore is not the most suitable equipment for pull ups. You can, however, use this pinch hangboard to stretch and warm up your shoulder and arm muscles. 

If you’re looking for an effective tool to complete your pull ups, take a look at our rig bars. 


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