Gym Rig

Freestanding galvanised rig


Freestanding rig designed to sit on any surface without the need for additional fixing down or concreting.

Can be paired with pins. or pegs. for extra support on uneven ground, and it can be securely held in place using your plates, or pegs driven in to grass.

rig. comes with a bar that can be adjusted to multiple heights.

It can be used for pullups, toes to bar, muscle ups and other gymnastics movements, including kipping and butterfly, without the need to weight it down.

rig. is like a swiss army knife for fitness that can be used for gymnastics, calisthenics, crossfit, bodybuilding and functional fitness. From muscle ups to wall balls, squats, human flag and more!


Compatible with all accessories,  dip. flag. pegs. store. target. and handstand.


Galvanised for outdoor use.

Includes J-Hooks.

Bolts included.



Base: 2.5×1.2m

Height: 2.5m


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