Double to Single Carabiner Adapter



Add ease and convenience to your workouts with our double to single carabiner adapter clip. Ideal for those who use single and dual cable machines who are looking for an all-in-one tool that is quick and simple to use. 

If you have a dual cable machine in your home gym, you’ll probably have spent time fumbling with multiple carabiners and attachments to try and get use of both your cables. With this quick and easy carabiner adapter clip, we’ve taken all the time and fiddling away. You’ll be able to turn a dual cable pulley into a single carabiner, or a single cable pulley into a dual one with ease.

Manufactured in the UK using high-quality British steel, this 8mm adapter clip is finished with a matt black coating. Handles, or carabiners are not included within this purchase. 


What is a cable pulley attachment?

A cable pulley machine is a large piece of gym equipment that you can add weight to and perform a variety of different exercises from. To cater for this variety of exercises, there are many additional attachments you can utilise within your workouts to maximise your power and performance. For example, you can use this Pulldown attachment to complete lat pulldowns, close grip/wide grip rows, bicep curls or more. 

Why do I need a double to single carabiner adapter for my workouts?

Utilising our double to single carabiner adapter in your workouts is a great way to ensure that you can switch between exercises and movements as easily and quickly as possible. We understand that losing your pulse and rhythm in your workout between sets or exercises can be frustrating. To help eliminate this possibility, our reliable carabiner adapter is here to help. 

Why Forte Fitness? 

All of our products are produced in the UK to a high standard.We pride ourselves on our accessibility to all those who are interested in fitness, whether you’re just starting out or an experienced gym-goer. We’re here to help you to reach your fitness goals and exceed potential. 

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  1. Tony

    I liked the design of the Forte Fitness double to single carabiner adapter so much that I paid shipping to the USA to get one. I’m just blown away by the quality of its construction with thick heavy gauge steel and industrial quality black coating on the double to single carabiner adapter over the inferior cable pulley adapters from Amazon. Keep up the great work, Forte Fitness!!!

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