Tricep straps

Tricep straps

Tricep straps extension attachment



Heavy duty Tricep extension straps cable attachment, with 4 anti-slip neoprene handles for greater range of motion.

Thanks to its length, comfortable padding, and gripping options, the Forte Fitness straps help achieve proper position and avoid wrist, fingers, and elbows strain.

62 cm long for enhanced workouts – you can now use this attachment for tricep pushdowns, wide tricep pushdowns, face pulls, bicep curls and many more.


Discover the new Forte Fitness tricep straps cable attachment and level up your upper body workout!

2 lengths built in one with 2 hand positions loops: 62cm overall length to outer loops and 36cm length to inner loops.

4 anti-slip neoprene handles for greater comfort and increased range of motion.

Thanks to its comfortable handles, you can get more out of your workout without worrying about hand grip fatigue from constantly holding a classic rope attachment.

The neoprene handles allow for a comfortable grip and are designed so that you don’t even have to hold it for certain exercises, to help reduce stress on the hands, wrists, and elbows.


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