axle dumbbell.

axle dumbbell.


Axle Dumbbell Bar

Loadable axle dumbbell

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A staple in strongman training, axle dumbbells are a great piece of equipment to change up your training and add a whole new challenge.


Mostly aimed at heavy dumbbell presses, traditional axle dumbbells are long bars with space to load lots of weight…


Axle from Forte fitness is different… at 300mm long, axle is about half the length as a normal strongman dumbbell, giving superior stability on more controlled movements.


Aimed at athletes looking to add a different stimulus to their bicep curls, rows and strict press – but with a fat grip to really challenge the intended muscle rather than being able to grip and rip standard dumbbells, axle will also add grip strength into the mix.


Sold individually and finished in a textured powder coat (no knurling), axle feels incredible!

Why not add another axle dumbbell, and you have a pair of loadable farmer carry handles!


50mm thick

350mm long


*weights not included


Dispatch: *14-21 days


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