Tib Bars. Take Your Exercises To The Next Level

Discover the transformative power of tib bars, a pivotal piece of equipment to elevate your exercise regimen. 

Crafted to specifically target the tibialis anterior muscle, the tib bar is a great tool for knee and ankle exercises, to help prevent or recover from injuries, such as shin splints. 

Incorporate a tib bar in your routine to strengthen your shins and enhance tendon health.

Leveraging its unique design, a tib bar allows for optimum loading with weight plates, offering a seamless way to adjust the intensity and progressive load of your workout. 

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your calf muscles,or elevate your ATG training, a tib bar is your go-to solution.

Step up your exercise game and say goodbye to shin discomfort today with our premium tib bar equipment.

Tib Bars

tib solo.

tib solo.

Original price was: £89.Current price is: £44.


Original price was: £89.Current price is: £44.
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The Benefits of Using the Tib Bar

The tibialis bar, often referred to as the “tib bar,” is a unique piece of fitness equipment used to build strong lower leg muscles and increase protection against knee pain and shin splints. The design of the Forte Fitness tib bars enables you to choose between unilateral or bi-lateral work, with weight loaded exercises, to strengthen and build the tibialis anterior, the anterior muscle on the front of your shin.

Using the tib bar will help build a strong tibialis, but also promotes a healthier range of motion, encouraging the “knees over toes” philosophy that has proven beneficial in reducing knee strain, as well as increasing plyometric performance, such as high jumps. It is a reliable piece of equipment to nurture resilient lower leg muscles, the cornerstone in a robust and complete lower body health and training regimen.

Harness the tib bar for maximum benefits and embark on a journey to a pain-free and powerful lower body workout regimen. Add the tib bar to your exercise routine and say goodbye to knee pain and get on the pathway to build a stronger and healthier you. 


Tib Bar Raise & Other Exercices

Unlock new exercises with a tib bar crafted specifically for both personal and commercial gyms. This tool is designed to offer an unparalleled approach to strengthen your tibialis anterior, the muscle that spans the front of your leg.

The tib bar is designed with precision to facilitate exercises that focus on harnessing the natural force generated through walking or jumping, transforming it into a targeted strength-building activity. Ideal for both novice and seasoned fitness enthusiasts, it serves as a tool to develop a robust training regimen, paving the way for a healthier and stronger lower body.

Whether you are engaging in the classic tib bar raise or exploring other innovative ways to exercise (like hamstring curls or leg extension exercise), the tib bar stands as a beacon of revolutionary training, guiding you to achieve your fitness goals with optimal efficiency and effectiveness.


A tib bar is a specialised piece of fitness equipment designed to specifically target and strengthen the tibialis anterior muscle, which is located at the front of your shin. This tool facilitates a range of exercises, including the tib bar raise, to help you build a stronger lower body by focusing on muscles that are often under targeted in standard workout regimens. By incorporating a tib bar into your training, you can work towards preventing issues such as shin splints and enhancing your overall leg strength.

Yes, all our fitness equipment including the tib bar, are manufactured in the UK. We ensure all our products meet the highest standards of quality and functionality possible.

Absolutely, our tib bars are designed with the primary purpose of helping individuals strengthen the tibialis anterior muscle. Through consistent use and correctly executed exercises, users can effectively target this muscle group, enhancing strength, and improving muscle tone over time. Incorporating exercises using the tib bar in your workout routine can lead to improved stability and reduced risk of injuries associated with weak tibialis anterior muscles.

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